We envision a future where every REALTOR® has the financial and emotional freedom to live the life they want and deserve.


Savvy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC) was created from a short but significant conversation I had as a real estate agent many years ago struggling to fulfill my dreams.

On that day many years ago I approached a very successful REALTOR® who got to where he was by understanding the opportunity of tapping into the real estate investor niche, and I asked if he could mentor me or simply share some of what he knew so I could model his success.

HE REFUSED! He simply said NO!

He kept the valued information to himself as a secret because he felt ONLY HE DESERVED IT after spending his time and money to get where he was and also so only he would reap the massive rewards.

At that moment, I made a PROMISE to myself:
“Once I learnt how to successfully tap into the investor niche, I would share the same knowledge and secrets that were kept from me with agents like you, so you too can reap the life changing rewards as well!”